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Scarlet Journey Release 4 Launch Update

Scarlet Journey, the Enterprise CRM Initiative, launched  Salesforce Core CRM (prospect management functionality), Fonteva (Events Management functionality),  and Marketing Cloud for RBHS and case management functionality for RU-info on April 12. Key benefits include:

Core CRM:

  • Robust constituent relationship management; full visibility and tracking of prospects
  • Engagement scoring to provide insight on prospects to target for recruitment

Marketing Cloud:

  • Omni-channel solution enabling personalized campaigns and journeys
  • Enhanced reporting to improve send and receipt metrics


  • Functionality to support large, multi-day, and/or multi-track events
  • Advanced planning/hosting tools

Case Management:

  • Support inquiries received by multiple intake channels (web form, email, chat, telephony, SMS, and social media)
  • Collaborative, Adaptive Knowledge Resources; advanced Reporting and Analytics Capabilities