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Training and Knowledge Transfer will prepare the organization for change and provide support to end users throughout implementation to increase adoption and create a sustainable impact. Preparing for the CRM initiative implementation of Salesforce requires holistic preparation and execution of the following readiness activities:


Communications: Delivers open, honest, and timely information about the CRM Initiative to support changes to people, work processes, and technology

Readiness: Identifies and tracks status of readiness tasks that need to be completed in order for CRM Initiative to be successful

Knowledge Transfer (KT): Ensures that knowledge leaving an entity is transferred to avoid any interruption to the operation


Training: Prepares identified stakeholders to work in the future model by informing them on new operating model, to-be business processes, enabling technology, and related Internal Controls / Policies

Change Network: Coalition of people to establish bridge between change programs and business functions for their organizations

User Acceptance Testing (UAT): Ensures business processes and systems are functional by having all involved individuals carry out each process from end to end