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Scarlet Journey Newsletter – Summer 2021

Scarlet Journey NEWSLETTER

Summer 2021

Program Overview

Scarlet Journey is an experience that will connect Rutgers University through the entire constituent lifecycle from prospective student through alumna/e, athletics support, corporate engagement, and financial donations. Scarlet Journey will be powered by a Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) system built using Salesforce’s Education Cloud, a suite of cloud-based solutions that will enable Rutgers to drive engagement and manage relationships.

Where We’ve Been

Scarlet Journey is a multi-year, multi-phased project. The first two phases – Plan & Architect and Phase 0 – have been completed. The Plan & Architect Phase (September 2019 to March 2020) focused on developing a future state roadmap for Enrollment Management. Phase 0 (March 2020 to May 2020) focused on preparing and standing up technical and business-related tools to support the implementation of Salesforce for Enrollment Management.

Phase 1 Release 4 & 5:

Phase 1 is underway with a focus on implementation of Enrollment Management and requirements gathering for Alumni Relations, Foundation, and Athletics. Phase 1 started June 2020 and will continue through August 2021.This phase will include the implementation of recruitment, admissions, marketing, events management, and case management functionality across all Chancellor units for undergraduate and graduates. On April 12, 2021, Release 4 introduced Case Management functionality to RU-info and Salesforce Core CRM, Events Management, and Marketing Cloud functionality for RBHS. On June 7, 2021, Release 5 introduced Salesforce Core CRM, Events Management, and Marketing Cloud functionality to support graduate recruitment for all Chancellor units. Release 5 also included functionality to support walk-in inquiries at the One Stop Student Service Centers across Camden, Newark, and New Brunswick, including check-in process with swipe/tap readers, routing process, and monitor display. With the launch of Releases 4 and 5, Chancellor units now have access to full visibility and tracking of prospects, enhanced marketing capabilities, and sophisticated events management capabilities to support undergraduate, transfer, and graduate recruitment.

“Salesforce, has been a great tool to my office this admissions cycle. From the premade email templates to the ability to create data reports and more, it truly is a powerful tool and resource.”

Emalina Thompson, Associate Director of Admissions, Mason Gross School of the Arts

Release 4 & 5 by the Numbers
  • Opportunities created since 6/7: 4.7K Newark | 4.9K Camden | 900 RBHS | 7.2K New Brunswick 
  • Events Created Since 6/7: 15 Newark | 50 Camden | 15 RBHS | 80 New Brunswick
  • 2.1 million emails distributed
  • 750+ cases opened since 4/12
  • 700+ cases closed since 4/12

Where We’re Going

Our next milestone is Release 6. Release 6 will introduce new undergraduate, transfer, and graduate applications and application reading experience. The new Salesforce-based applications and reading experience will provide Admissions teams with new functionality to support application intake, processing, and reading. Admissions team members will be able to track interactions throughout the recruitment and admissions lifecycle –from prospect through admit-coming. Additionally, the release will provide case management functionality to support Admissions-related inquiries at the Camden, Newark, and New Brunswick Chancellor units.

Word on the Street: Releases 1 – 5 Review

With the launch of Release 5, the Enterprise CRM team has successfully deployed Salesforce and Marketing Cloud to support undergraduate, transfer, and graduate recruitment across all of Rutgers Enrollment Management. The functionality impacts 475 end users, all Chancellor units, and 20+ schools.

Functionality Spotlight: Release 6

Release 6 will introduce the Applicant Portal and Fast Track functionality to Camden, Newark, and New Brunswick Admission teams.

Applicant Portal will replace the current application webpage and provide applicants with a unique application submission experience. Once an applicant creates a portal account, they will have access to the application and widgets located on the portal homepage.

Application Reading/Decision users will have unit-specific configurations to process, review, and determine admissions decisions. Readers will have the ability to review application pages, documents, and other materials, while adding comments and making decisions throughout the process.