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Scarlet Journey Newsletter – Fall 2020

Scarlet Journey NEWSLETTER

Fall 2020

Program Overview

Scarlet Journey is an experience that will connect Rutgers University through the entire constituent lifecycle from prospective student through alumna/e, athletics support, corporate engagement, and financial donations. Scarlet Journey will be powered by a Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) system built using Salesforce’s Education Cloud, a suite of cloud-based solutions that will enable Rutgers to drive engagement and manage relationships.

Where We’ve Been

Scarlet Journey is a multi-year, multi-phased project. The first two phases – Plan & Architect and Phase 0 – have been completed. The Plan & Architect Phase (September 2019 to March 2020) focused on developing a future state roadmap for Enrollment Management. Phase 0 (March 2020 to May 2020) focused on preparing and standing up technical and business-related tools to support the implementation of Salesforce for Enrollment Management.

Phase 1 Release 1:

Phase 1 is underway with a focus on implementation of Enrollment Management and requirements gathering for Alumni Relations, Foundation, and Athletics. Phase 1 started June 2020 and will end in August 2021. This stage will implement recruitment, admissions, marketing, event management, and case management functionality across all Chancellor Units for undergraduate and graduate Enrollment Management. On September 1, 2020 case management functionality was successfully introduced to the New Brunswick One Stop Student Service Center and the New Brunswick Financial Aid, Registrar, and Student Accounting, Billing, and Cashier Services as part of Release 1 of Scarlet Journey. The functionality introduced serves as the new solution to support inquiries by webform, walk-in, and email.

“Our team is so excited for this transition to Salesforce. The Knowledge Articles not only help our staff answer questions, but also allows for students to get the information before they even have to reach out to us. It truly is a comprehensive platform, and we are so excited to be part of the initial launch on campus.”

Juli Hibbard, Registrar, New Brunswick

Release 1 by the Numbers
  • 100% User Adoption across New Brunswick One Stop and Supporting Offices
  • Cases Submitted by Origin: 64% via web | 31% via email  |  5% via phone
  • Average One Stop Case Resolution Time: 2.1 Days
  • 21,000+ cases opened since 9/1
  • 20,000+ cases closed since 9/1

Where We’re Going

Our next milestone is Release 2. Release 2 will introduce enhanced Case Management functionality to the New Brunswick, Newark, and Camden One Stops and supporting units. This functionality will support inquiry intake by webform, walk-in, email, telephone, chat and SMS, a robust ticketing system, and advanced reporting and dashboards.

Word on the Street

“A Salesforce and Rutgers partnership is what we’ve been waiting for, and seeing this collaboration manifest piece by piece has been exciting. I look forward to our team at large using such an accommodating and innovative tool that we all rightfully deserve.”

Zeinab Said, myRUN Counselor, Newark

Functionality Spotlight: Release 2

Release 2 will introduce case management functionality to the Newark and Camden One Stops and supporting units to support inquiries by webform, walk-in, and email, allowing the New Brunswick, Newark, and Camden One Stops and supporting units to have visibility into cases across units.

Release 2 will also introduce enhanced case management functionality across all Chancellor Units, including but not limited to the ability to support inquiries by chatbot/live chat, SMS, telephone, and social.